Sorachi Saison

Brewed a batch of Saison today using Sorachi hops. Had a hell of a problem getting the alkalinity right of the mash and sparge water. Not sure why- I’m wondering if my alkalinity measuring tool is going wrong. Every reading I took varied so much. In the end I just relied on pH readings. Anyhow, all turned out well and got 43.5L into the fermenter.

Brewed an Oatmeal Stout

Brewed 40L of Oatmeal Stout on Sunday. Everything went well and actually ended up with 45L in the fermenter. Took my time stirring the mash and sparging and got 75% effciency. Pitched with SO4 yeast and it’s already bubbling away nicely. Must not forget to add the roasted Cacao nibs to the secondary.

Brewing a Mosaic Double IPA

Brewed a batch of Mosaic Double IPA today. Had some problems with efficiency and only got 60% instead of my usual 75%. This was a big grain bill – some 14kg – which pushed the Braumeister to its limits, even though I was using the malt tube extender from Bac Brewing (BacBrewing). I think maybe I should have added the dry malt in smaller bits at a time and stirred each addition more thoroughly. More successful was the use of their whirlpool shovel gadget – it really made a strong vortex and the hop pellet trub settled in the centre quite nicely. Mind you, I think I should have let the wort stand longer once the boil had stopped. Ended up with 50L in the fermenter and pitched with four packets of Safale US-SO5.