Brewing a Mosaic Double IPA

Brewed a batch of Mosaic Double IPA today. Had some problems with efficiency and only got 60% instead of my usual 75%. This was a big grain bill – some 14kg – which pushed the Braumeister to its limits, even though I was using the malt tube extender from Bac Brewing (BacBrewing). I think maybe I should have added the dry malt in smaller bits at a time and stirred each addition more thoroughly. More successful was the use of their whirlpool shovel gadget – it really made a strong vortex and the hop pellet trub settled in the centre quite nicely. Mind you, I think I should have let the wort stand longer once the boil had stopped. Ended up with 50L in the fermenter and pitched with four packets of Safale US-SO5.

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