A Full Cellar!

I’ve had a massive brewing session before the weather starts to get too warm and my cellar bar is now very well stocked. The pictures show that I’ve not much space for more, although I want to brew two cornies of a special mild before spring is gone. Here you can see conditioning two cornies of Sorachi French Saison (6.7ABV), two cornies of Mosaic Double IPA (8.6%) and two cornies of Oatmeal Stout (6.2%ABV). On tap already are a special bitter (5.4%ABV) and an IPA (7.0%ABV). As well as kegging the aforementioned, each of the brews had 10L bottled in 500ml bottles. What you can’t see in the corner is 30L of Imperial Brown Stout (10.0%ABV), which needs another 6 months of aging before I bottle it. All were made on my 50L Braumeister over the last 4 weeks, which is a testament of how much quicker the BM is compared to my 3V system.


Including other bottled ales I now have about 300L of beer in stock, so I think I deserve a well earned rest throughout the coming months. Once the mild is done and dusted I think my next brewing session will not be until the winter now.

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