A rival brewery?

The SWMBO and I went to visit a local brewery at Penge yesterday. It was called Southey Brewery

Tried a Wormcatcher IPA and a pale ale called Crack of Dawn. Both were served straight from a polypin. The beer was ok, if not a trifle cloudy, but nothing really marvellous. I have certainly tasted better, including my own beers. Unfortunately, no brewery  or ‘behind the scenes’ tours were offered, so I can’t comment on their brewing process.

“Bob” behind the bar and the few customers there were very affable and the hour passed away here was very enjoyable. Regrettably, Bob did not appear to have much knowledge of what was in the beers and was unable to answer simple brewing questions. Also bought some of their bottled beers. I will certainly go again and Bob asked me to bring him in some of my brews.

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